When you are just visiting Melbourne, Australia, you typically can drive with your overseas licence as long as it is current. Also, it will need to cover the exact type of vehicle you are driving. For example, if your licence only covers sedans and other types of non-commercial vehicles, you cannot drive a tractor-trailer or other commercial vehicle until you have the right licence. This all changes, though, when you become a permanent residence since you are bound by law to convert your overseas licence over to one that is valid in this country. At Vicky Driving School, you can receive assistance with learning all of the driving laws, paperwork and other pertinent facts that is takes to gain approval on your new driver’s licence in Victoria, Australia.

Driver’s Licencing Laws Vary Between the Different Territories and States of Australia 

Since the licencing laws vary for drivers between the territories and state of this country, you need to be certain what you need to carry even to drive with your overseas licence. While you may need to carry an international licence along with your current overseas licence in one area, in another area, you might need to carry a formal English translation with your overseas licence. It is best to check the laws first in order to be certain that you are driving legally. To learn all the driver’s licence requirements here in Victoria, click here.

You Need to Familiarise Yourself with Local Driving Laws

The easy way to familiarise yourself with local driving laws is to participate in a bit of training at our driving school in Seymour. We can ensure that your licence conversion goes smoothly the first time. Without this knowledge, you might break the law while driving when you do not mean to at the time. We even provide in-depth training when necessary.

Our Company Strives to Provide You with Quality Customer Service

All of our clients receive quality customer service and an appropriate environment for learning. We want you to succeed at converting your overseas licence over to a new one in the easiest possible fashion.

Vicky Driving School Offers a Wide Assortment of Services

To learn further information about overseas licence conversion, contact our school at your convenience. We offer the following services to those who seek licencing help:

• Refresher driving lessons
• Assistance with overseas licence conversions
• We cater to all level of driving abilities
• Our school provides pick-up and drop-off services for our students’ convenience
• International students are welcome
• Help with the log book
• We work with you according to your schedule and needs