Vicky Driving School Welcomes International Students for Driving Lessons and Driving Refresher Courses

If you are new to Victoria, Australia, you may be a bit confused about our driving laws, need to refresh your driving skills or need to learn how to drive for the first time. The question is, though, where do you go to learn all that you need to know for your purposes that accepts […]

Refresher Driving Lessons Can Help You Become a More Confident Driver

By taking refresher driving lessons today, you can become a much more confident and experienced driver. You will be able to navigate the busy streets and avenues of your town or city as well as the fast-moving traffic on the highways and expressways surrounding your community. Many people relocate to urban locations today where they […]

The Importance of Learning Defensive Driving Techniques

Learning to drive can be an educational, inspiring and enjoyable experience today. When you learn to drive a car or other motor vehicle well, you will feel confident to drive to whatever part of your community or region you like or need to reach. As you grow more confident as a driver, you will enjoy […]