How to pass your drive test in first attempt


When the time comes for the drive test, A lot of people with years of experience fail in the test. The reason is only one, Lack of knowledge about the actual VicRoads Drive Test Criteria. People migrating from different countries have experience of driving in their home countries. However, if they don’t know the assessment criteria, It is very difficult to pass the drive test.
There are so many driving schools in Broadmeadows offer driving classes. These driving lessons offer information about the road rules you need to follow during the drive test and in actual driving after getting a license. You will also get to correct the mistakes you make which you have picked up unknowingly.
It is recommended you take some driving lessons before you sit your drive test. If you have chosen Broadmeadows as your testing center you need to be familiar with some tricky intersections. Specially turning right into a street from a traffic island, And turning right from the left lane into the left lane. Whereas testing officers in Broadmeadows are very polite and their instructions are very clear and easy to understand, Learners can still make mistakes because they are nervous and haven’t been on the test route before. So it is a good idea to have couple of lessons on the rest route. It will help you pass your drive test in first attempt.
There are couple of things you need to be familiar with before the drive test –

1. Pre Drive Test –

Pre Drive Test is performed in a stationary car prior to a practical drive test. Testing officer will ask you to switch the headlights between high beam and low beam, Show car’s front and rear demister buttons, Indicate left and right, Sound the horn, Turn on and off hazards lights, Foot on the brake etc.

2. Critical Errors –

Fail to look, Fail to signal, Incomplete stop, Too slow, Block pedestrian crossing etc.

3. Immediate Termination Errors –

Speeding, Fail to give way, Mount kerb, Fail to stop, Stopping at dangerous position, collision and intervention.
Most importantly make sure you drive safely. Any kind of dangerous action while driving will be marked down as immediate termination of the test.
Also, You should be familiar with Reverse parallel parking and Three point turn. In Victoria, During the drive test VicRoads testing officer will get you do either a three point turn or a reverse parallel parking.

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