How Can One Benefit from a Driving School in Melbourne?

Today, it is the time when females can be seen driving a metro train and even a cab. If you have the dream to become a professional car driver, join driving school Seymour. Learning car driving is a talent in itself. But very few can become an expert in it. It is only possible when you have another expert to train you.

There are certain reasons for choosing a driving school. They are as under:

Roads Signs and Parking Sense

Many people are unaware of how to drive smoothly on the roads. Learning good driving lessons broadmeadows will help you in knowing the roads signs. Furthermore, you can also know well how to park your car.

Boosts Confidence

Joining driving school will give beginners a high level of confidence. This will further help them in driving perfectly on the road thereby reducing the chances of major road accidents.

Meeting New Friends

There is a good chance at driving school to meet new people and make car driving an amazing activity. People will exchange their opinions and ideas that will help you in learning car driving more effectively.

A Good Team of Instructors

One of the major benefits of joining driving school is the excellent driving instructors. You can learn a lot more than just car driving with professional driving instructor Bundoora. They will also take mock tests and practical sessions to check your progress.


If you are searching good Indian driving school Melbourne, visit the websites of best driving schools to know more.

Vicky Driving School Welcomes International Students for Driving Lessons and Driving Refresher Courses

If you are new to Victoria, Australia, you may be a bit confused about our driving laws, need to refresh your driving skills or need to learn how to drive for the first time. The question is, though, where do you go to learn all that you need to know for your purposes that accepts international students. Luckily, you have come to the right place since Vicky Driving School welcomes international students for both driving refresher courses and driving lessons Seymour. In fact, we specialise in working with international students to provide them all the necessary instruction and information that they require to receive their new driver’s licence here in the Victoria area of Australia.

Learn How to Drive With Us

Come to us to learn how to drive in a non-stressful and affordable way. We will provide you with a patient, highly-experienced instructor who will skillfully walk you through all the information that you need to understand to receive your licence, and to drive safely and legally. An ideal course for all international student who have yet to receive their first driver’s licence.

Refresh Your Driving Skills and Knowledge

Maybe in your last country of residence, you did not have to drive that much and feel that your skills and knowledge are a bit lacking for the driving that you will now need to do here. Our school can help you refresh your driving ability and provide you important information about the latest laws here in the Victoria area of Australia.

Understand Our Philosophy

Our basic philosophy is to provide all of our students with the required techniques, information and skills to become responsible safe drivers. We do so in a friendly environment that suits the learning style of each one of our students. Also, our staff always will communicate in a clear and precise manner to ensure that our students understand every detail of the course. Instructors at our school do not believe in intimidating any student.

All of Our Services

• We pick you up and drop you off when it is convenient to your schedule
• Refresher driving lessons
• We welcome all drivers, regardless of their ability level
• Our staff will assist with overseas licence conversions
• Assistance with the log book upon request
• International students are welcomed
• Our school is one of the leading Punjabi and Hindi speaking ones in Melbourne, Australia

For further details about the fact that Vicky Driving School welcomes international students for Bundoora driving lessons and driving refresher courses, contact us when it is convenient. We will be happy to discuss your specific situation with you and provide you any other information about our services that you require.

Overseas Licence Conversion Services in Melbourne

When you are just visiting Melbourne, Australia, you typically can drive with your overseas licence as long as it is current. Also, it will need to cover the exact type of vehicle you are driving. For example, if your licence only covers sedans and other types of non-commercial vehicles, you cannot drive a tractor-trailer or other commercial vehicle until you have the right licence. This all changes, though, when you become a permanent residence since you are bound by law to convert your overseas licence over to one that is valid in this country. At Vicky Driving School, you can receive assistance with learning all of the driving laws, paperwork and other pertinent facts that is takes to gain approval on your new driver’s licence in Victoria, Australia.

Driver’s Licencing Laws Vary Between the Different Territories and States of Australia 

Since the licencing laws vary for drivers between the territories and state of this country, you need to be certain what you need to carry even to drive with your overseas licence. While you may need to carry an international licence along with your current overseas licence in one area, in another area, you might need to carry a formal English translation with your overseas licence. It is best to check the laws first in order to be certain that you are driving legally. To learn all the driver’s licence requirements here in Victoria, click here.

You Need to Familiarise Yourself with Local Driving Laws

The easy way to familiarise yourself with local driving laws is to participate in a bit of training at our driving school in Seymour. We can ensure that your licence conversion goes smoothly the first time. Without this knowledge, you might break the law while driving when you do not mean to at the time. We even provide in-depth training when necessary.

Our Company Strives to Provide You with Quality Customer Service

All of our clients receive quality customer service and an appropriate environment for learning. We want you to succeed at converting your overseas licence over to a new one in the easiest possible fashion.

Vicky Driving School Offers a Wide Assortment of Services

To learn further information about overseas licence conversion, contact our school at your convenience. We offer the following services to those who seek licencing help:

• Refresher driving lessons
• Assistance with overseas licence conversions
• We cater to all level of driving abilities
• Our school provides pick-up and drop-off services for our students’ convenience
• International students are welcome
• Help with the log book
• We work with you according to your schedule and needs

Refresher Driving Lessons Can Help You Become a More Confident Driver

By taking refresher driving lessons today, you can become a much more confident and experienced driver. You will be able to navigate the busy streets and avenues of your town or city as well as the fast-moving traffic on the highways and expressways surrounding your community. Many people relocate to urban locations today where they use public transportation each day to commute to and from their workplaces.

Although they may have cars that they use for shopping and weekend traveling, they stop using all of their driving skills as much as they once did. These drivers may discover that to be prepared to return to driving in fast-paced, heavy traffic later on, they need to take refresher driving instruction to avoid any problems when they encounter reckless drivers or other road dangers.

Refresher Driving Lessons for Driving with Greater Self-Confidence and Skill

A comprehensive refresher driving course today can provide drivers with the following skills that support driver confidence and higher skill levels when driving on all types of roads and in various driving conditions:

• Ability to Navigate in Rush Hour Traffic. – As a student in a refresher driving course, you will learn to navigate with confidence and skill in hectic rush hour traffic. You will regain the ability to stay calm when other drivers become irritable and impatient. You will also be more aware once again of all movement on the road around you and how to cope with impulsive driving actions by other nearby drivers.

• Skills to Avoid Reckless Drivers. – When you take refresher driving instruction, you will be prepared to avoid the irresponsible antics of reckless drivers on the roads. When these drivers weave in and out of traffic lanes without giving notice or stop abruptly without any warning, your instincts as a responsible driver will enable you to avoid any collisions or accidents due to your need to avoid their reckless road activity.

• Ability to Drive Safely in Stormy Weather.
– You will have greater capacities and instincts for driving on all types of roads during harsh and stormy weather conditions. You will practice how best to navigate icy or snow-covered highways and smaller roads during heavy rain storms. You will gain more confidence as you practice driving out of a skid and how to avoid road accidents caused by serious skidding or loss of control of a vehicle. You will become an all-around better, safer and more self-assured driver.

By contacting our driving experts at Vicky Driving School (, you can enroll in a refresher driving course that will greatly improve your skills on the road and raise your levels of self-confidence as a driver today. By signing up for our comprehensive refresher driving lessons, you will enjoy driving on all types of roads more, handling your vehicle well under many different types of road conditions.

The Importance of Learning Defensive Driving Techniques

Learning to drive can be an educational, inspiring and enjoyable experience today. When you learn to drive a car or other motor vehicle well, you will feel confident to drive to whatever part of your community or region you like or need to reach. As you grow more confident as a driver, you will enjoy taking short excursions or longer vacations as a motorist, which is both convenient and cost-effective traveling.

By learning to drive defensively as well as acquiring the normal skills and knowledge of a competent, careful driver, you will enjoy your time on the road even more. At the same time, you will be helping the make the highways and busy thoroughfares safer for all drivers today.

The Important Benefits of Learning Defensive Driving Techniques

There are important advantages of learning to operate a motor vehicle safely. Major benefits of learning defensive driving techniques from expert Indian driving instructors include the following:

• Fast, Sensible Reactions to Avoid Accidents. – When you learn to drive defensively from an expert driving instructor Broadmeadows, you will gain skills for reacting quickly, calmly and sensibly to the actions of careless or reckless drivers on busy roads. You will practice the best methods of making fast, short stops and staying clear of drifter-drivers who stray carelessly into the next lane. You will also learn how to safely avoid downhill racers on long, steep hills and slow, veering map-readers who seem to have undecided destinations.

• Good Skills for Safe Driving on All Road Types.
– When you have good defensive driving skills, you can adapt rapidly to driving on many different types of roads. Whether you are moving in fast-paced traffic on a busy expressway, crawling painstakingly through mid-town city traffic at rush hour or winding down an unpaved country lane, you will have complete control of your car, truck or van at all times. You will find all types of road conditions acceptable for navigating with your fine quality driving skills.

• Helpful Techniques for Bad Weather Driving.
– Most comprehensive defensive driving lessons in Bundoora include ways to drive safely during stormy weather with hazardous road conditions. Your instructors will teach you the best methods of driving out of a serious skid across an icy winter road surface. They will practice with you until you can confidently stop your car if your brake pedal fails and teach you how to quickly move out of reach of an out-of-control car. You will also learn how to stop and accelerate quickly, when needed, without giving your passengers whiplash or panic attacks.

When you learn defensive driving techniques from our excellent, experienced instructors at Vicky Driving School, you will be well prepared to drive safely on all types of roads, in myriad weather conditions and among other drivers, both safe and hazardous.

Serving many locations throughout Victoria, including Bandoora, Dandenong, Epping and Caroline Springs, our top-rated school offers high grade driving instruction for drivers of all levels of experience, from novices to seasoned drivers who want a refresher course. Visit our company website today at for further information and to schedule your first lesson.